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Plan. Manage. Report. Integrate.

The Assured Contact Dialler is feature-rich and intuitive, helping you to run optimised, compliant and highly effective campaigns. Below are just some of the features it offers. If you'd like to see the dialler in action, why not book a demonstration with our Sales Manager, Chris Walker.


Administrator Panel

Managing your campaign, agents, user groups, ensuring compliance, managing and creating scripts, loading data and communicating with your teams are some of the standard features that the comprehensive Administrator Panel provides. Its ease of use and intuitive navigation ensure that you can be confident that your campaigns can be managed effectively.


When ensuring your campaigns are performing as expected, it is vital to have performance indicators that show that your agents are performing as you expect. Having a basic set of analytics created from within the Data Manager is a convenient facility to quickly review the success of your agents and hence your campaign. For deep data analytics, it is advisable to utilise separate software which you can integrate with through our flexible and comprehensive APIs.

API Support

The Assured Contact Dialler has a significant number of flexible APIs to link systems and actions together. Need to interface the dialler with your existing CRM system to allow seamless integration with your customer information? Our APIs can do that! Want to export information into your own analytics software? Our APIs can help you export the data you need to further analyse the performance of your campaigns.

Campaign Controls

Controlling the performance of the dialler ensures that you not only make best use of the data you have, but also ensures that you don’t over dial and hence in-advertently fall foul of the regulator by causing silent or abandoned calls by not having sufficient agents available. The campaign controls manage the Call Attempts Per Second (CAPS) that the dialler can generate and working closely with our support team, you can ensure you get the most effective use of both the dialler and network whilst remaining compliant.

Data Management

Your data is an expensive asset, and you will, of course, need to ensure that it is used efficiently and carefully. Within the Admin section of the dialler, access is granted to sales managers or data managers, to swap, build and edit data lists that are then used by the dialler. Worried about coming to the end of your data for your campaign? The Data Management tool reminds you if you’re shortly due to run out of data, helping you to manage your resources and hence giving you a heads up to prevent your agents being un-productive.

DNC Management

The regulatory environment requires that before calling a customer, you MUST have their permission to do so. Should you receive a request to remove a telephone number from your calling list, you are legally obliged to comply with this request. The DNC Manager provides a simple interface to upload a list of DNC numbers so that they will not be contacted. This is a flexible facility that can not only be implemented on a campaign basis, but also across the whole dialler.

Leads Life Cycle Management

Assured Contact Dialler customers, have the ability to manage the lifecycle of a lead through to its conclusion. This very useful facility allows you to create rules/actions/processes around the data leads you have, and use the powerful tools available to decide when is the most appropriate time to contact the customer. The life journey of a lead can be reviewed to aid the training and coaching of agents.

Real-Time Agent View

Colour coded and intuitive, the agent view is class leading for its design and usability. It provides a real-time view for the agent's calls and their status. The colour coding provides an “at-a-glance” view for a manager to review their status too. Has the agent been in wrap up for too long? You can see at a glance and address it with them immediately.

Script Support

Need to help your agents deal with multiple queries when on a call? Administrators can create scripts to aid the flow of an interaction with your customers. The scripts can be created and edited from within the dialler environment. The wording can link to web pages, FAQs or can prompt the agent to ask the most appropriate questions during a call.

Text Chat

A facility to communicate with members of your team while they are mid-call to assist on a challenging customer service enquiry or when coaching a new agent is a very powerful tool that the Assured Contact Dialler provides as standard. The confidence boost that this can give an agent and the peace of mind that managers have when monitoring calls to influence an outcome is reassuring.