What is a Hosted Dialler?


Hosted diallers can allow organisations to replace their on-premise investments entirely, they are able to cost-effectively address any capacity issues and support disaster recovery needs. Hosted diallers also allow for ever-increasing efficiency levels, much time in traditional call centres can often be spent on manual tasks. Using a hosted dialler can free up time on tasks such as assigning numbers to agents. It can also free your agents from having to continuously record call results and manually dial out. Manually calling through lists of data can often impact on how productive an agents performance is, especially if there is a high amount of incorrect numbers, disconnected numbers or no answers for example.

The risk of moving to a hosted dialler solution is not generally very high for an organisation, as it can be fully exposed to the service during a testing phase, prior to any significant operational commitments. This is also the case for customers looking to test out the VoIP interconnection offered by Nexbridge. In some cases an organisation may be unsure as to whether a dialler will suit their business, a hosted dialler can give the organisation an opportunity to find this out without wasting money. Some organisations may experience seasonal increases or decreases in business, running different campaigns at their best time of year. As a result a business may wish to acquire extra dialler capacity for busier times on a temporary basis; something made very possible with a hosted solution.

In essence, a hosted dialler allows you to control the technology you require, from your own location. This subsequently allows a business to maximise its access to technology, whilst lowering overall costs to maintain or purchase it. Additionally using a hosted dialler in combination with a VoIP network will often mean that call charges will be greatly reduced, allowing an organisation to save money with every call that’s made. This is great news for smaller businesses, but it becomes exceptional news for businesses making a large amount of outbound calls. Cloud-based services have recently emerged as the leading alternative to premise-based systems, due in large part to their flexibility, accelerated deployment time and cost-effective model.

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