So, you want a dialler?


So, you want a dialler?

It’s so easy to think that putting a dialler into your call centre will solve any under-performance of your agents and make your campaigns an instant success. It’s true, however, that making more calls does theoretically mean more chances of making contact, but dialling indiscriminately not only causes issues for consumers and networks, but may also get you a hefty fine from the regulator!

What should I do?

A dialler, like an agent, needs to be shown how to perform. With an experienced dialler manager in post, intuitive dialler software such as Assured Contact’s, motivated agents and accurate and compliant data, your campaigns have the best chance of being a runaway success.

We know you want to get best use of your dialler, but you must ensure that your dialler is not over-dialling. This risks calls being connected to your customers that you are unable to deliver to an agent, hence causing calls to be dropped, which is a big no-no with Ofcom who have zero tolerance to silent and abandoned calls, and consequently risks serious financial penalties to your business. Working closely with Assured Contact can help to ensure your dialler settings are managed correctly and hence assist you in maintaining compliance.

Ensure that your data is clean - are your customers’ contact details up to date? Having poor data is wasteful of dialling capacity and puts an unnecessary load on your dialler and your communications provider’s network who will be trying to connect a call that ends up being routed to an un-allocated, incorrect or dead number.

Making sales calls?

Are you sure you have your customers’ authority to do so? Are you citing “legitimate interest” or relying on opt-in data? There are many things to consider when adding a dialler into the mix, as you will be generating many more calls than when dialling manually. Working with an experience dialler and network provider like Assured Contact will ensure that you’re not just “sold” a dialler, but are provided with the technical and regulatory support you need when embarking on one of the most important decisions your call centre can make.

What else should I consider?

There are many dialler providers who will certainly provide you with a solution, and you need to be sure that you choose wisely. Assured Contact’s hosted dialler provide a simple transition into a web-based dialling environment which means you don’t need to worry about hardware or having physical equipment on site (just your desktop and headset!), and both your agents and managers can interact with each other and with your customers seamlessly from their desktop. Does your chosen dialler provider offer support for integrating with your existing CRM or analytics software? Are API’s available to assist with this integration? We have this covered.

How and where do I source data for dialling?

Since the changes to data protection laws and the introduction of GDPR, you must ensure that you have the permission of your customers to contact them. If you’re a new business who is just starting out and wish to make unsolicited sales and marketing calls, you need to ensure that you seek advice from a regulatory expert or contact the ICO for clarity if you wish to start calling prospects. Legitimate interest can only be used as a legal basis for contact if you have assessed the impact on your prospects, and can provide a clear method for them to opt-out if they do not wish to receive further contact from your call centre or campaign.

You should only acquire data from reputable sources, and ensure that when loading this data into your dialler, you are able to check the data against the TPS/CTPS before making any calls. As a catch all, Assured Contact provides in-network TPS checking for free as a secondary check on numbers as they are dialled, again providing a level of comfort that you won’t be calling TPS/CTPS registered numbers.

All set? You have your dialler in place and you’re ready to start calling your customers. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your data to ensure it doesn’t run out before your campaign is complete. Assured Contact has notifications to remind you when you’re running out of data. We’ve got your back!

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