Debunking the dialler dirt


Let’s not beat around the bush. We all know what comes to mind when we mention the word dialler...

  • Sales calls / unwanted calls / nuisance calls
  • Demotivated staff
  • Regulatory and compliance minefield

Some scary and negative words in that list I know, but is using a dialler really that bad for you, your staff and customers? Let’s take a closer look .

When used correctly, a dialler is a simple and elegant solution, a boon to productivity and put simply, a great investment for your company.

"WHEN USED CORRECTLY" is the key phrase here. In every walk of life there are always some bad apples. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if a single blog post could rectify some of the bad practice and regulatory breaches. Sadly, it won’t. What it will do however, is offer guidance on how to use a dialler correctly and how a dialler can help your company.

Remember: garbage in, garbage out.

A dialler will only dial what you tell it to dial. That’s its job. Input data and away you go... Simple.

So what’s really important here is the quality of the data you upload to your dialler. If you were operating a sausage factory and you added rotten meat, you wouldn’t be surprised to get rotten sausages. Data should be pristine, up to date and completely relevant to your campaign.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Do you have permission to contact the people in your data set?
  • Are you 100% certain of that?
  • When was the data validated?
  • Is the number TPS / CTPS registered?
  • Is the number valid/working?

We can help with all of this, but assuming you’ve answered yes to the five questions above, you’re ready to go.

OK, let’s get dialing... STOP!

At this point you need to have processes in place to deal with OUTCOMES. For example, what happens to the data if the call is answered or not; what happens to the data once you’ve made contact?

Scenario 1 – You are doing a quarterly review with a client. You finish the call but as you currently don’t have a process in place, the data just gets sent back to another agent on the same day or week to call again. Just imagine if I came around to clean your office windows in the morning and my colleague popped around in the afternoon to ask if you wanted your windows cleaning. Hmm.

So, it’s important to have process or rules written so that no matter the reason for your call, it gets routed and handled correctly.

Scenario 2 – Quarterly review, call finished and client happy. Your dialler should automatically add this customer call back data for 3 months.

Clearly, scenario 2 makes much more sense – in terms of quality of service, productivity and ultimately, profitability.

Scenario 3 – Calling to discuss latest upgrade options for a client’s mobile phone. There is no answer in the morning, so the dialler can adds this customer to the afternoon call back data, (or in the evening or to call in a couple of days – according to the data which your dialler will help you to interrogate. You could even create a rule where an overseas tone would set the call back to place in a fortnight so that the client can enjoy their time away.

With the right dialler, calls and callbacks can be a pleasant experience for all parties. Call once, get it right. And, if you do need to call back, ensure that it’s at the optimum time to do so.

You need to use a dialler which offers the flexibility to handle the processes you create. The Assured Contact Dialler not only acknowledges these requirements but will help you write the very processes and rules to maximise productivity.

At this point, maybe you are thinking "this all sounds great but...

...I can do all this without a dialler"

And you would be right, up to a point. You can secure great data and manually call, disposition and update each record.

So what does the Assured Contact Dialler bring to the table?

PRODUCTIVITY – By using assured contacts dialer correctly, productivity will be increased 200%-500% compared to manually dialing.

"That’s a great increase but how does this resolve the stigma you mentioned at the start of this article?"

How does Assured Contact help to change the sentiment of called parties, improve staff morale and help my business comply with the red tape?

Sales / unwanted / nuisance calls

Data is paramount. Don’t scrimp. If it’s not your own customer data, ensure that it is completely vetted and that you are 100% confident that you have permission to dial. Respect the called party’s wishes.

Demotivated staff

If you can increase productivity across the team, this will drive even greater success. And success breeds success. If you are changing diallers, your staff will be familiar with the benefits they bring. If you are moving from a manual dial environment to a dialler, we believe that training is key to adoption and with the right training and a solid solution, this should be a breeze.

Regulatory compliance

Using our expertise and guidance, we can ensure that your dialler is configured maximise calls whist delivering regulatory compliance (CTPS / TPS / GDPR). This gives you and your team the peace of mind to continue to deliver the very best service to your customers.

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