Simple, compliant call centre software. Dedicated and resilient tier 1 network. Inclusive calls to UK telephone numbers.

Simple, compliant call centre software.

Quality through innovation

Decades of ICT & IP telephony experience - so you can rest assured.

increased productivity

Intuitive dialler. Dedicated network.

Because your performance is a reflection of ours.

The Assured Contact Dialler is designed with simplicity in mind and our team has significant experience in handling call centre telephony traffic. We understand the specific requirements and demands which a call centre has of its service providers and we have developed a dialler and network that work seamlessly together.

We also appreciate that a professionally managed campaign is the cornerstone of a successful relationship with your customers, so our dialler offers a simple, intuitive interface that can be seamlessly integrated with your existing CRM system.

Our fully IP-based network is reliable, resilient and robust. Calls are delivered over Tier 1 carriers and our network boasts 99.999% uptime (in 2018, we were actually much closer to six nines than five). Full administration and agent monitoring ensures campaigns are efficient and compliant and the Assured Contact Dialler delivers a plethora of features customisable to your exact specification upon request.

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Key Features

An impressive range of dialler features, offering high levels of campaign control, analysis and third party software integration.

Administrator Panel
API Support
Campaign Controls
Data Management
DNC Management
Leads Life Cycle Management
Real-Time Agent View
Script Support
Text Chat

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